Small Satellites - Big Mission

TriSept understands, just because a satellite is small in size that doesn't mean the mission is small. No matter the size of the payload, your organization receives the full attention of our integration experts.

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TriSept is proud to say we have been selected as a preferred integration provider for NASA's Venture Class Launch Services (VCLS).



Why Choose TriSept?

The TriSept team averages three decades of experience executing the full space systems life cycle of a vast range of spacecraft on a large array of launch vehicles including "new space" launch vehicles.
We utilize the mass and fairing volume margin to add smaller spacecraft allowing more efficient access to space for all while reducing individual launch costs without an increase in risk to the mission.
We have hands-on integration experience in a wide variety of missions, ranging from large scale, multi-billion dollar Government systems to next-generation small satellite payloads.

Our Launch Process

Mission Planning

We receive your mission request


We find you a launch or build one around you

Systems Engineering

Interface Control Document (ICD)
Licensing and Compliance
Safety Documents 
CONOPs Procedures

Verification & Validation

We help you through a Mission Readiness Review (MRR) to be accepted for launch, We work with you to complete all fit checks and testing.

Spacecraft Delivery

After your spacecraft has been delivered safely, we integrate with the launch vehicle.

Launch Campaign

Encapsulate and mate with the Launch Vehicle

Our Launch Brokering Services

We take the measurements and requirements of your payload, then reach out to our extensive network to find an available launch that meets your needs.
This allows your program to get into orbit at a fraction of the cost of a conventional launch.
What if there aren't any launches with availability for your payload's size or orbit requirements? Then allow TriSept to build a launch around you.
We build your mission, find other organizations to RideShare on the mission with you and provide equitable cost-sharing; still far less costly than a conventional launch and yet you are the primary customer.
25 Shuttle Launches
Over 50 launches with a wide variety of launch vehicles
Sea Launch Experience
Did you know that our launch services are part of the GSA schedule?
Find out how you can get your payload into orbit even faster.

Are you ready to put your spacecraft on the path to success?
Reach out to our experts today.