TriSept has teamed with RocketStar to provide flexible, affordable, and reliable space launch opportunities for small satellites.

Rob Spicer, CEO of TriSept Corporation is pleased to announce a launch opportunity for small satellites in partnership with RocketStar, LLC (  This agreement enables TriSept – a 23-year space launch and services business – to provide small satellite launch opportunities on board RocketStar launch vehicles, with flights starting as early as the first quarter of 2018.  RocketStar’s innovative approach to rapid, reusable and low-cost launch coupled with TriSept’s proven experience in small satellite integration and launch helps fill a much-needed gap within the small satellite industry for available, reliable, cost-effective space launch services.

Chris Craddock, RocketStar’s Founder, commented,  “We are very pleased TriSept has chosen RocketStar as its launch partner because of our extreme value proposition that comes from the economies of scale we are achieving around our aerospike engine.  TriSept is uniquely positioned to gain the most from our rocket technologies.”  TriSept’s expertise and innovations in small satellite launch integration are the ideal complement to RocketStar’s innovative launch vehicle and propulsion designs.

TriSept CEO, Robert Spicer added, “This is a great opportunity for small satellite owners to leverage TriSept’s launch experience and take advantage of an innovative launch concept.  TriSept will provide the planning, engineering, and integration services to aggregate small satellites into a common launch platform saving both time and money for our customers.”  TriSept will work hand in hand with the RocketStar team to inject flight proven methodology and repeatable processes to their integration and launch campaigns – providing a high level of flexibility and adaptability to meet customer launch and operational schedules.  This partnership also provides US Government customers easy access to RocketStar’s launch vehicles through TriSept’s GSA Schedule 70 service offerings.

The TriSept Point of Contact for Launch Services Inquiries is: Augustine J. Ponturiero, VP Business Development – Defense and Space.  E-mail: Phone: 443-562-3340.

TriSept Corporation Announces Small Satellite Launch Availability with RocketStar, LLC
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