We are fully equipped with three decades of veteran experience and knowledge necessary to carry out a successful mission. We have hands-on experience in the execution of a wide variety of missions, ranging from large scale, multi-billion dollar US Government systems to commercial small satellite integration.

Experience with Light, Medium, & Heavy Lift Vehicles
200+ payloads launched from 10+ launch facilities


TriSept Corporation is founded on our integrity. What does that mean to our customers? We strive to be completely transparent in every step of the process with you. From mission kickoff to post launch discussions, you can rest assured you receive every piece of information that you need to make a wise decision for your program.

Our Services Include

Satellite to Booster Integration

From definition of interface requirements to launch.

Program Management Support

Proven experience in supporting management with the execution of a wide variety of space programs.

Systems Engineering

Our SETA Support Team has broad-based experience in supporting all facets of the space program lifecycle, from concept development to end of mission activities.

Mission Planning and Support

We will support anywhere from cradle to grave with your product life cycle.

Specialized Engineering Consultation

Knowledgeable and experienced engineering support staff in the major engineering disciplines of space systems development and deployment.

Mission Operations

Demonstrated, hands-on experience in overseeing and conducting real-time satellite flight operations.

Small Satellite Integration

We facilitate cost effective and repeatable launch opportunities through dedicated, dual launch missions and rideshare. TriSept provides rapid, consistent, and affordable access to space.

For more information on our small satellite integration services, click here.

Over 200+ Satellites
Launched at:

Vandenberg AFB
Cape Canaveral AFS
Spaceport New Mexico
Wallops Island
Kodiak Launch Site
Kwajalien Launch Facility
PMRF Launch Site
NZ Launch Site

TriSept was one of the first launch integrators to establish a GSA engineering services schedule allowing our US Government customers to purchase launch services. This simplifies the contracting process and makes access to space more responsive to our national agencies' needs.